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Platinum Pets, a Valencia, Calif.-based pet supplies manufacturing company, has donated one of its newest inventions, the Smart Phone Scannable Pet ID Tags, to Lucky Dog Rescue, a non-profit organization in Meridian, Miss.

The smart phone scannable pet ID tags will be used each time a dog is adopted from the rescue center’s shelter. All the user has to do is download a barcode scanning application, hold the phone over the QR code, which is displayed on both sides of the tag, and in just a second, the device will read the code, and link the user to Platinum Pet’s website.

The customizable private profile of the pet will have the pet’s photo, owner’s name, address, phone number, award if lost and vet’s information. The Smart Phone Scannable Pet ID Tags retails between $10. They are offered in red, blue, black, and pink and can be found on

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