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Best Friend’s Animal Society partnered with Salt Lake County Animal Services to create Shelter Partners for Pit Bulls. This organization helps raise and disperse funds to assist in adoption efforts specific to the terrier breed.

Jamie Healy, Shelter Partner for Pit Bulls manager says, “It’s a program developed to target three specific goals. First, decrease shelter euthanasia rates for pit-bull-terrier-type dogs. Second, increase the number of pit-bull-terrier-type adoptions and positive outcomes. Third, redeem the image of pit-bull-terrier-type dogs in local communities.”

The nonprofit group encourages Pit Bull retraining programs to make them home and family friendly. “As an extended opportunity to learn more about successful programs and the plight of pit-bull terriers, we provide offsite training opportunities, where they can attend internships/workshops at Longmont Humane SocietyBAD RAPAnimal Farm Foundation, and/or Salt Lake County Animal Services. This helps inspire and motivate, and has resulted in new ideas for the implementation into the shelter programs.”

Chrissie’s Fund recently provided a $20,000 donation to the two California Shelter Partners for Pit Bulls. Eight thousand dollars is going to each shelter to fund their upcoming Neighborhood Pit Bull Days. In addition, $2,000 went to each shelter to purchase enrichment goodies for the pit-bull-terrier-type dogs in the shelters.

Chrissie’s Fund works to reduce the overpopulation of homeless pets, fund medical care and placement for dogs found in hoarding or abuse/neglect situations, encourage programs that reduce or eliminate euthanasia and increase adoptions at shelters, support spay/neuter programs and increase training and socialization.

For more information about Shelter Partners click here.

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