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The Pet Care Trust has added two additional grants in their Pets in the Classroom program.  They have partnered with animal lovers retail stores PETCO and Petsmart.


What originally started out as a rebate grant for teachers to be able to purchase a new classroom pet and supplies now has a total of four different opportunities to buy a pet for their teaching space.  There is a sustaining grant reimburses $50 for teachers who already have pets in the classroom.


Pet retail giants PETCO and Petsmart offer the newest grants by giving teachers coupons to use at their stores on supplies necessary for any classroom pet, along with a 50% off coupon to purchase the new animal, reptile or fish.


Since the launch of its new update website on August 2 they have already received more than 50 applicants.


According to Pet Care Trust President, Lew Sutton “It is clear that this is going to reach a lot more teachers through the support of these retail partners and several pet product manufacturers – all of whom have worked diligently with PCT board members and staff to get this program up and running before the start of the new school year.”


Over $441,000 has been donated to teachers through the Pets in the Classroom program. As a non-profit, public foundation, the group has been actively involved with sponsoring programs that support the companionship of animals and developing educational programs about the responsibility of companion ownership.


For more information, visit the organization’s website.

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