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In a statement issued by MMRGlobal, Inc., it was revealed that Pets Best Insurance is now offering MMR’s flagship program, MyMedicalRecords Personal Health Record (PFR) as part of its offerings in the BestWellness Program. This means that MyMedicalRecords is touting itself as the only personal health record that covers all family members, including pets.

More than 600,000 emails were sent to veterinarians and consumers this week with the news, which is also being featured on the Pets Best website.  MMR has already been offering their Personal Health Record products through Dancing Paws, which is a company partially owned by CEO of MMRGlobal, Bob Lorsch.

Families are now able to maintain medical records for up to 10 members, including pets, in one secure location online and be able to access them from anywhere in the world via internet connection. MyMedicalRecords actually stores patient files in their original format from any healthcare professional. They are able to connect patients to providers via a patented telecommunications platform that integrates via fax, Internet, and voice.

A MyEsafeDepositBox is another feature of MyMedicalRecords, which includes retaining copies of important documents such as birth certificates, mortgage documents, family photos, and more. All MyMedicalRecords customers can sign up for a personalized Emergency Wallet Card featuring a photo of their pet with them so that life-saving information can be accessed if needed by doctors and/or emergency personnel.

MyMedicalRecords also has a professional offering called MMRPro, which gives physicians’ offices a cost-effective and simple way to digitize paper-based medical records and share them via real-time with patients. MMR is an independent software vendor partner with Kodak.

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