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Pets Best Insurance, an Idaho-based provider, said it now accepts international claims for pets that are temporarily out of the country — and is one of the only U.S. pet insurers to afford this protection to pet owners.

Monica Wallooppillai, a policyholder from Texas, was traveling in Saudi Arabia when she noticed her dog Zuri was having difficulty holding his urine and that there was blood in it. After taking her dog to a vet for an examination and X-rays, Zuri was diagnosed with prostatitis.

“With Pets Best, I was able to file the claim online and have the claim payment directly deposited into my bank account,”  Wallooppillai said. “I even presented the claim in Saudi currency and included a conversion chart and the claim was processed— no questions asked. Pets Best makes the claim process very user-friendly and efficient.”

She added that every claim she has ever presented to Pets Best Insurance has been covered.

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