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The November PetPoint Report has been released, with one statistic revealing cat intakes declined six percent on year last month and a 13 percent decrease in euthanasia. Owner surrender and stray cat intakes declined 5 percent and 9 percent respectively, year on year.

PetPoint is considered the most widely used animal management application in the animal welfare domain. Aggregate data from the November, 2011 report came from 934 animal welfare organizations that use PetPoint. Findings were based on 126,092 intakes and 132,503 outcomes for dogs and cats that entered or left animal welfare organizations during the month.

Brad Grucelski, Vice President, PetPoint Solutions at Pethealth Inc., shared, “The numbers reported here and in previous reports point to several positive trends within the feline population in animal welfare organizations.” The increasing return of lost cats to their owners, Grucelski believes, is due to owners using appropriate methods of pet identification, including microchips and identification tags.

In a data comparison from November, 2011 to November 2010, it has been revealed that euthanasia of cats declined 13 percent and euthanasia of dogs declined three percent, adoptions of cats increased two percent and dogs increased five percent, and owner surrenders of cats and dogs declined five percent and two percent, respectively, year on year.

Pethealth is the owner of the cloud-based PetPoint applications and hosts the data for all of its licensed users. Over 1,760 animal welfare organizations in the United States and Canada have licensed PetPoint to manage their daily operations.

The report may be accessed it its entirety by visiting

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