The Pet Industry's Leading Resource for News & Content Distribution, a large global source of pet health information, in partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, a leader in pet nutrition, recently surveyed over 1,000 dog owners to better understand their perceptions of proper pet nutrition. The survey revealed that 90 percent of dog owners do not know what proper nutrition is for their dogs. And while 88 percent say they know what to look for on a dog food label, only 10 percent know the recommended proportions of key nutrients.
“Pets require a very specific balance of key nutrients in order to lead happy, healthy lives,” says Dr. Jennifer Coates, a practicing veterinarian and petMD spokesperson. “What may surprise many dog owners is that carbohydrates should make up around half of a dog’s daily diet. Like they do for people, complex carbohydrates give pets energy, make them feel full longer and help keep their blood sugar levels steady.”
The petMD survey also revealed that 94 percent of dog owners are interested in information regarding properly balanced nutrition for their pets and overall pet health, with 69 percent stating they would like assistance in making better food choices for their dogs.
“People utilize tools to understand proper human nutrition, but those tools didn’t exist for pets until now,” states Nicolas Chereque, petMD founder. “We saw the need to bring dog nutrition to life in a way that makes sense to people by putting it in more human terms, so we partnered with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to develop interactive tools that will do just that.”
To further educate pet owners on proper dog nutrition, petMD has launched a Dog Nutrition Center on in partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition. On the Nutrition Center, dog owners can find detailed nutrition information and tools including MyBowl for dogs – A first of its kind interactive tool designed to put dog nutrition in terms people can understand; Nutrition Articles and Slideshows; “Nutrition Nuggets” Dog Nutrition Blog by Dr. Jennifer Coates and Dog Nutrition Quizzes and FAQ.
“The Dog Nutrition Center on is a great place for dog owners to learn all they need to know to ensure their dogs are eating a balanced diet,” concludes Coates. “By following a few simple tips and guidelines, dog owners can enhance their pet’s health and help prevent a number of pet diseases that can be caused by poor nutrition.”

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