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PetHub, Inc., President and CEO, Tom Arnold, announced the company’s best single-day sales to date in response to a GroupOn Goods daily deal offer. As part of the offer, customers were offered both basic and premium tags along with silver and gold subscriptions.

“The deal is running for only 1 more day — ending January 25th — and we’re expecting to sell out our entire stock.  We’ve even hired a fulfillment company to help us process all of these orders in under 3 days to get our new PetHub ‘pack members’ their tags quickly,” stated Arnold.

The special deal is a bundle pack of PetHub’s QR-coded pet identification tags along with its GPS and shelter notification services. The gold subscription includes emergency medical information offered through a partnership PetHub has formed with PetFirst Healthcare.

Participants in the offer will receive a medium-sized PetHub identification tag in black that also includes a one-year silver subscription plan. Under the silver plan, pet owners receive e-mail notifications with GPS mapping of where their lost pet’s identification tag was scanned.  Pet owners may also house their pet’s data on and send it to shelters in the area where the animal was last spotted.

The offer from GroupOn is $23 and has all the elements of the silver plan along with a stainless steel tag sealed with a special banking and sublimation process so that durability is longer.  The PetHub Gold subscription offering from GroupOn is coupled a plan boasting $3,000 emergency pet medical insurance in addition to the aforementioned tag.

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