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According to the latest PetPoint Report, a report on adoption numbers, adoption fees for dogs over one year-old increased two percent on year to reach a peak average of $95, the highest average adoption fee reported in that segment since 2006, according to Pethealth Inc.‘s monthly PetPoint Report.

“With adoption now the primary path to new pet ownership demand continues to grow,” said Steve Zeidman, Managing Director, PetPoint Solutions at Pethealth Inc. “Since adoption fees are still substantially less than the cost of purchasing a pet elsewhere, it makes logical sense for prices to increase to help cover operational costs.”

Conversely,  adoption fees for cats over and less than 1 year of age declined 16 percent.  Dog adoptions declined by 1 percent year on year in May, however intakes increased by 4 percent year on year, reversing a five month declining trend beginning in December. At the same time, owner returns of dogs to the organization from which they were adopted increased 8 percent year on year.

Owner returns of cats previously adopted from the same organization continue trending upward, with year on year increases averaging 8 percent each month since September 2010.

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