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Pethealth, Inc., provider of North American companion animal services and provider of management software to North American animal welfare organizations, announced the publication of its “2012 Adopter Survey Special Report.” The report is touted as the largest-of-its-kind survey representing over 235,000 adopters across the continent with over 6,400 surveys completed.

The survey was conducted in April, 2012, and was designed to determine if respondents’ purchasing habits of those who adopted a pet from a shelter facility differed from those who adopted a pet from a PetSmart or Petco store; also if the shelter pet food programs featuring free bags of food to new adopters created brand loyalty; and the degree to which pet adopters purchased pet pharmacy items and pet supplies online along with the impact of escalating gas prices in correlation with online purchasing habits.

Of those who responded, 81 percent were female, over 61 percent were under 50 years of age, 86 percent were either retired or currently employed; 55 percent with a university degree or post-graduate degree; and 46 percent stating they have an income of $60,000 or higher.

Mark Warren, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pethealth, reported, “With adoption now considered the primary mode of new pet acquisition and with trends showing that adoption as a percentage of new pet acquisition will continue to increase, we believe public companies or those with plans to go public that sell goods and services to the companion animal industry will have their valuations based at least in part on the size of their ‘footprint’ in animal welfare.”

The report is free of charge and may be found by visiting

Pethealth is based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and publishes PetPoint Reports on the third Monday of each month. Visit for more information.

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