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Just as’s is launched PetFlow, an online pet food retailer that began in 2010, gets a second round of funding. A ten million dollar boost provided by LightSpeed Venture Partners.

PetFlow is unique in that pet owners can schedule deliveries and limit trips to the pet store. Also, the company only sells healthy food and treats. The website also allows users to search by category ensuring they are buying the right food for the lifestyle or age of the pet. The company currently ships up to 500,000 pounds of pet food a month.

“Most pet food today is bought by women, who have to haul 40 pound bags of dog food from the store to their car, and then from their car to their home. It’s heavy, it’s expensive, and sometimes they run out unexpectedly with little time to run to the store and buy more. That’s a bad user experience, and it makes no sense given the evolution of e-commerce,” said Juistin Caldbeck, managing director of Lightspeed Venture Partners. “When we met Alex and Joe, two world-class entrepreneurs who have built $100M+ web businesses in the past, they showed us the momentum that they’ve generated at Petflow, and we knew that they had found a better way. Our funding will turbo charge their growth as it did for our other e-commerce portfolio companies such as Living Social, Blue Nile, Bonobos, and Shoedazzle.”

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