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News has been revealed that the Operation Grant program begun by the PEDIGREE Foundation in 2008 will now be administered by the Petfinder Foundation in order to leverage Petfinder’s capacity to manage the large amount of applications they received.

The PEDIGREE Foundation, over the next several months, will launch into its next development phase as they revise key programs and prioritize their resources to best use their funds.

Debra Fair, PEDIGREE Foundation president, shared, “We believe that all dogs deserve to be loved and cared for. Through this partnership with Petfinder Foundation, we will be better equipped to make the greatest difference in the animal shelter community.”

With the new and enhanced reporting criteria in place, the one-time grants, up to $1,000 each, will help organizations to apply for specific items so dogs can be saved one at a time. A greater percentage of funds will be given by PEDIGREE Foundation to its Innovation Grant program. Ultimately, operational needs will be addressed so that the entire shelter community benefits.

In the past, organizations requesting funding from the PEDIGREE Foundation could apply up until the September 30th deadline to get a set amount of money that was equally divided. This year, however, monies dispensed are based on a specific set of criteria and in order of application until funds are exhausted. The total funding of Operations Grants under the new guidelines will be $150,000.

Rescues and shelters may apply for operational grants in partnership with the Petfinder Foundation based on the minimum requirements found on the PEDIGREE Foundation website. Since 2010, over $400,000 dollars has been awarded via 17 Innovation Grants.

The PEDIGREE Foundation is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, having been created in 2008. They provide grants to 501(c)(3) shelters and dog rescue organizations nationwide and encourages dog lovers to adopt, volunteer and donate to support the cause.

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