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After a little over a month of renovations, PetCofoundation launched the newly renovated dog park at Camp Pendleton last Wednesday, July 13.  The military base Camp Pendleton is located out of San Diego, CA.  Renovations began on June 3 for Oceanside’s PetCo foundation dog park, and now the park becomes the only off-leash facility in the city.

A self cleaning system was included in the renovations that allows for the facility to forget bags for cleaning up pet refuse, and instead utilize the sprinkler system to wash away the waste.  Aside from that, the dog park also made additions to landscaping and amenities for both dogs and their owners.

“We laid out Astroturf, which before the park was sporadic grass and dirt and the dogs can dig into it,” said Kelli Herwehe, public relation coordinator for the San Diego Humane Society. “There’s also some gazebos and shaded areas where dog owners can sit while their pets play.”

With the new additions, the landscaping and social aspect further adds to the beautiful San Diego area.  Oceanside mayor Jim Wood, owner of two Papillon’s and a Mini Pinscher, believes the park has drastically improved following the renovations.

“It’s beautiful,” Wood said.  “It’s a great asset to Oceanside and certainly the community because it’s a social gathering for both pets and owners and allows our dogs to wear themselves out.”

The San Diego Humane Society, being in such a close vicinity to Camp Pendleton, also announced its partnership with Pets2Vets (P2V), an organization out of Washington D.C. that pairs orphan animals with veterans.

To learn more about the PetCo foundation and San Diego Humane Society, visit them on Facebook at and

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