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The Petco Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that is actively involved with over 8,000 charitabl partners to support animal welfare nationwide, has announced it is giving away $200,000 in celebration of their achieved goal of raising over $100 million for animal welfare charities since 1999, when the organization was founded.

The Petco Foundation is always prepared to launch immediate fundraising efforts in the case of natural disasters and emergencies. As part of the “100 Celebration” campaign, 100 animal welfare charities will receive $1,000 each. Petco associates selected the finalists from among 7,500 animal welfare groups.

Executive director Paul Jolly reported, “This is huge milestone for the Petco Foundation. We cannot say thank you enough for the great work of all of our charitable partners and pet lovers who have supported our work for animals for more than 13 great years.”

The general public is able to partake in helping to select 10 finalists to receive an additional $10,000. Visitors to the Facebook Petco Foundation link can vote through noon Eastern Time on October 5, 2012. Click on the “100 Celebrations” tab and the “Vote to Save Lives” button to take part. The $10,000 winners will be revealed by October 12.

The foundation obtains about $15 million a year through seasonal fundraisers conducted in Petco’s 1,000-plus U.S. stores as well as from store associates, vendors and corporate contributions.

The mission of the Petco Foundation is to “raise the quality of life for pets and people who love and need them”. The four ways they fulfill this mission are by creating responsible pet owners, reducing the number of animal euthanized, rescuing animals in crisis, and rehabilitating behavioral issues in pets.

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