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Pet World Industry, a business located in Jensen Beach, Florida, is seeking distributors worldwide to sell their products. The company’s website reveals their products will not be found in big box retail stores.


Featuring aluminum, steel, leather, wood, and PVC products for pet owners, Pet World Industry is offering a turn-key result for parties interested in owning their own pet store, daycare for pets, grooming salon, boarding facility, or dog training business.


“This ever growing attraction on pets has prompted an increase demand of pet supplies and needs. If you are looking for a one stop shopping experience which provides a personal caring touch for your pets, Pet World Industry is the answer,” Steve Timm of Pet World Industry recently stated.


Some of the benefits Pet World Industry touts in becoming a distributor for them include turn-key operation, supervision of leasehold improvements, marketing and public relations training, ordering and installation of store equipment, and utilization of their expertise.


Offering new pet store owners up to 50 percent financing, President and Owner, Steve Timm, reports the company operates from Germany, Florida, Iowa, and Taiwan. Depending on the size and activities, Pet World Industry will invest from $10,000 up to 1 million dollars or more, according to their website.


Timm’s research includes reports that approximately 78.2 million dogs are owned in the United States, with 39 percent of this sector owning at least one dog and 28 percent owning two dogs.


Pet World Industry will allow franchise owners to sell proprietary products that are offered to the franchise through owners and operators of Pet World Industry.


For further information about the company and becoming a distributor, visit

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