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Pet Travel, a source of pet travel regulations on both domestic and international levels, announced a partnership has been formed with Datamars, a supplier of microchips and scanners, to encourage proper pet identification for traveling pets and their owners. Pet Travel was founded in 1986 by Jerry Hatfield, a travel agent who wanted to travel with his pet and found a few brick walls in his path. Namely, at the time many hotels did not share if they were “pet friendly,” so Hatfield launched a website to provide pet friendly hotel and travel information to the public. Several years later, the name of the business was changed to With more than 38,000 pet friendly lodging and business listings in its database, also lists information on pet passports and pet immigration for almost every country across the globe. In addition, the Pet Travel Store itself is located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., daily for in-person travel needs. Datamars provides RFID (microchip/scanner) solutions to companion animals as well as the livestock and textile identification markets. Datamars employs more than 350 employees and has offices in Europe, Asia and in the Americas. It is a private company with headquarters in Bedano, Switzerland. Susan Smith, president of Pet Travel, Inc., stated “We are very excited to be able to offer these products to the industry at very competitive prices. Pet identification, whether at home or abroad, is an important part of keeping pets safe. The animal professional community now has an online resource for these high quality and potentially life-saving products at any time, with the click of a mouse.” For more information about Pet Travel, visit the website at The official website of Datamars is

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