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Doctors Foster and Smith announced that they will use ProShip as their shipping system provider. This new transition will expedite the tens of thousands of packages that the company ships daily to expectant pet owners.

To provide a seamless shipping process to their customers, the company decided to switch from their existing software to a new system that would provide a high level of responsive customer support as well as a smooth integration with their current warehouse management system and sophisticated rate-shopping and carrier compliance.

Drs. Foster and Smith have carefully built their company’s reputation as one who provides great customer service along with fast service as they promote the shipment of all orders within 12 hours. ProShip was up to the challenge of exceeding these expectations.

“We stake our reputation on speed, compliance and proactive customer support,” stated ProShip President John Berg. “Like Drs. Foster & Smith, we are committed to delivering above and beyond our customers’ expectations and have the track record of doing just that.

Software engineers at ProShip configured their system to accommodate the broad range of products Drs. Foster & Smith sells, and the designated shipping methods for each. “Corals and fish are sent next-day air, larger buckets of salt and aquarium supplies go differently,” said Audrey Schmidt, warehouse manager. In addition, pet pharmaceuticals require the recipient’s signature. “ProShip took care of organizing with the different carriers so we were set up correctly, and managed details with how invoices and labels print out.

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