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The Pet Skin Doctor, LLC (PSD), a company that assists in eliminating pets’ skin ailments with its Essential Needs Food Supplement,  announced the strategic alliances of several key partners in the supply chain.
The companies partnering with Pet Skin Doctor, LLC include Nutri-Tech, LLC, a harvesting company of Emu and Ostrich Fat and HOPCO, one of the nation’s largest distillers of Emu and Ostrich Oil Fat. HOPCO will “molecularly” distill all raw materials for PSD. PSD will have all rights to processed material they can reasonable supply. Emu and Ostrich Oil well-known remedies for skin problems.
In addition, PSD will be partnering with Tianjin Xuansheng Tech. Development, LTD located in Tianjin, P. R. China. All the Emu and Ostrich Oil they can reasonable supply will be dedicated to PSD as their most “preferred” customer.
Joe Fox, partner, said, “With these strategic alliances, PSD has the material and supply chain necessary for unbridled growth.” The partnerships also give PSD control to much of the world-wide production of “molecularly” distilled Emu and Ostrich Oil.
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