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Pet Sitters International (PSI), the world’s educational association for professional pet sitters, released its triennial survey this week. The trade group collects data about its members’ influence regarding product preferences.  With an average of over 30,000 searches to its website every month, PSI’s goals remain focused on promoting, supporting, and recognizing quality in pet sitting.


With complete survey findings to be revealed in Pet Sitter’s WORLD, the official magazine of the trade group, the survey was made possible by a grant from Eukanuba Naturally Wild. The survey data is used by members to prepare for financial plans, loan applications, and to describe PSI members and the clients utilizing their services.


The survey was conducted solely online and ran from April 9, 2011 through April 29, 2011. In total, 1,947 members completed the survey, or a total of 27 percent responses of PSI membership. Results revealed 98.6 percent of all business in PSI are independently owned by women, with 84.5 percent of members carrying both liability and bonding insurance, providing services to multiple species, with 4.6 percent of members being internationally based.


“Pet sitters are dedicated professionals who spend a lot of time with pets and pet owners, likely more than any pet industry professional,” said Patti Moran, president of Pet Sitters International. “Clients depend on these service provides to come into their homes, care for their pet children and provide opinions on a range of products from leashes to litter.”


Members generally have some college education, most commonly own dogs and cats, with 68 percent either currently using or planning to use social media in their businesses. Ranking highest on the social media list was Facebook at 95.6 percent. Learn more about the survey results by visiting

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