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New York, NY (June 5, 2012) – Dr. Wendy McCulloch, veterinarian and founder of Pet Requiem, provides in-home geriatric, hospice and wellness care for pets in the New York Metropolitan and New Jersey regions. Recently, Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist John Moore accompanied Dr. McCulloch on several client visits to intimately document her in-home pet euthanasia services. Since founding Pet Requiem in 2009, Dr. McCulloch, a New Zealander living in New York City, has noticed a rise in the number of New Yorkers seeking end-of-life in-home care for their pets. Moore’s photographs, taken for Getty Images, have been featured on USA Today and MSNBC.


“New Yorkers face difficulties when it comes to caring for their sick and elderly pets. Travelling by subway or taxi with an ill or dying dog or cat can be a harrowing experience. Many family pets are living ten years or longer, and owners’ bonds with their pets are stronger than ever,” said Dr. Wendy McCulloch, Founder, Pet Requiem. “My clients want to offer their beloved companions end-of-life care that is as pain and stress free as possible.  Additionally, Pet Requiem allows every family member, including other pets, to say goodbye to their dying friend.”


The photos in USA Today’s “The Good Death” feature Dr. McCulloch performing euthanasia on Tigo and Tomo McLoyd’s pit bull-Labrador mix, Rocky. The McLoyds called Dr. McCulloch when they found their dog unable to walk. The pictures document Rocky calmly sleeping in the family’s NYC apartment as Dr. McCulloch gently holds Rocky’s paw to make a plaster impression, a gift to the family, prior to the procedure. The McLoyds stay by Rocky’s side and comfort him as Dr. McCulloch euthanizes their dear friend. Afterwards, Dr. McCulloch spends time with the family looking at pictures and enjoying stories of Rocky’s life. In the photos featured on MSNBC, Dr. McCulloch performs euthanasia on artist Cris Cristofaro’s 12 year-old Italian Spinone, Dino. After a long battle with oral cancer, Cristofaro made the decision to relieve his dog Dino from the pain he endured for months. In the photos, Dr. McCulloch prepares Dino for euthanasia, while Cristofaro holds on to a photo of his friend as a puppy. To view Moore’s photos, visit and enter Pet Requiem in your search.


“I really feel that end of life issues for pets and their owners are extremely important. Anyone with an aging or dying pet faces this eventually,” said John Moore, Getty photographer. “Spending time with Wendy, I was very happy to show how a pet’s death can be dealt with humanely and with respect and compassion for all involved.”


About Pet Requiem

In 2009 Dr. McCulloch founded Pet Requiem, a veterinary house call service offering wellness check-ups, hospice care and compassionate in-home euthanasia for geriatric and terminally ill animal companions. Pet Requiem is believed to be the first House Call Veterinary Practice established to specifically offer these services to patients in the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan region. Visit for more information.


About Wendy McCulloch, DVM

Dr. McCulloch completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Otago in her native New Zealand and Florida International University in Miami, Florida. She obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Florida and completed a veterinary internship at the Animal Medical Center in NYC.  She became interested in integrating Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) into her daily practice and went on to study Veterinary Acupuncture at the Chi Institute near Gainesville in Florida. She has been a general practitioner in and around NYC and New Jersey for the past seven years and runs her own house call practice, Pet Requiem. She shares her home in New York City with JLo, a sweet cat who has been with her for 12 years. The kitty has feline AIDS and a host of health problems as a result, but remains strong and happy.






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