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In its annual contest to select the outstanding pet industry retailer, Pet Product News International, the leading monthly trade news magazine covering the issues and trends affecting all sectors of the professional pet industry, announced Red Bandanna Pet Food with the Outstanding Adoption and Rescue Support Award, which is part of the magazine’s prestigious Retailer of the Year award program.
Pet Product News International announced the award in the September 2011 issue of the magazine and will profile the retailer in the March 2012 edition. The overall winner and the 11 special recognition winners are each given a seat on the Pet Product News International Retail Advisory Board as part of the award.
With 14 stores located throughout Georgia, Red Bandanna Pet Food is dedicated to helping the state’s dog and cat owners meet their pets’ nutritional needs by offering an array of high-quality foods and treats at very reasonable prices. The local chain is deserving of the award as it is also serious about promoting and supporting pet adoption and rescue work—it holds adoption days every weekend. It donated more than $40k in 2010 to one rescue in Atlanta area and supports three main rescues with donations and food. Each store also supports a rescue in its area by way of food, donations, money and charity events, including dog washes. In addition, Red Bandanna was one of the first stores to sign the HSUS pledge to end the cycle of cruelty and puppy mills.
The Retailer of the Year Awards were created 19 years ago to recognize retail excellence in the pet industry. Candidates are initially selected from surveys distributed to retailers via the magazine and BowTie Inc.’s Retailer Sales force. Retailers are then reviewed and evaluated by members of Pet Product News International’s award panel on such criteria as promotion of companion animals,innovative promotion, effective strategies in the marketplace, community impact and industry impact.

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