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More and more pet product manufacturers have become more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious in recent years, reports Pet Product News International. Though costly to succeed in the enviro-friendly mantra, more companies are taking note and stepping up to the challenge.


Some of the manufacturing trends in the eco-conscious domain include reused and recycled components, sustainable and natural materials, energy-efficient manufacturing practices, and durable designs. As an example, Cardinal Pet Care, based in Azusa, California, operates from a 100 percent solar-powered facility in conjunction with the Solar Partnership Program of the City of Asuza.


Furthering their commitment to the green lifestyle, Cardinal installed energy-efficient T-5H0 lamps, an energy management system with daylight-harvesting skylights, motion sensors that turn off lights in vacated areas, and a new “cool roof” coating that reflects heat and keeps temperatures 50 to 60 degrees cooler than traditional roofs on hot summer days.


Suzy Fucini, Cardinal company spokesperson, shared, “These changes have reduced the energy load so significantly that Cardinal has been able to install air conditioning in its factory—something that has greatly increased employee morale.”


Cardinal is not the only company embracing these types of changes. Less waste in landfills means less harm to the earth and its inhabitants. Part of the green revolution includes more costs, and some manufacturers wonder if customers will be willing to spend more. According to Grail Research LLC’s 2009 study “The Green Revolution,” consumers will continue to buy and switch to green, even in a recession.


Chris Onthank, founder of Dog Gone Smart Pet Products based in Wilton, Connecticut, reported, “For retailers selling eco-friendly products, this means that they should offer a range of choices and price points, educate their sales staff, and use point-of-purchase materials to coax customers to buy green.”  Globally, Othank sees the green movement catching on, though he admits some South American and European countries are not up to par from an environmentally-friendly perspective.

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