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Tampa, FL (December 29, 2011) – While many humans are busy making New Year’s resolutions for themselves, more than 1,000 pet parents recently shared the things they plan to do to keep their pets happier and healthier in 2012.

Halo, Purely for Pets conducted the Pet Parents’ New Year’s Resolution Survey during December 21-23, 2011.  Of the 1,045 pet parents who participated in the survey, 26.1 percent have only cats in their household and 38.4 percent have only dogs. The remaining respondents, 35.5 percent, have both dogs and cats living with them.

According to survey results, a large number of pet parents feel they could do a better job grooming their pets, with 68.1 percent resolving to trim their pets’ nails more often, 52.6 percent planning to give their dogs and cats more baths, and more than 80 percent committing to more frequent brushings.  A little more than 35 percent plan to give their pets supplements to help their coat and skin. Finally, the pets may not like this, but a full 50 percent of pet owners plan to brush their pet’s teeth more often.

Interestingly, nearly 46 percent of respondents plan to help their pets lose weight. Considering recent studies show that more than 50 percent of dogs and cats are overweight, this awareness and recognition among pet owners is encouraging in the battle against pet obesity.

The majority (68.7 percent) of respondents with overweight pets plan to help their pets drop pounds by increasing exercise and 44 percent are going to feed their pets better quality food. A little more than 35 percent are going to reduce the amount of food their pets eat.

Even those whose pets don’t need to lose weight recognize the benefits of exercise for dogs and cats. Nearly 89 percent of those surveyed want to help their pets get more exercise this year, with the majority (62.4 percent) planning more walks and 68.3 percent committing to play with their pets more often.

An overwhelming number (94.1 percent) of those surveyed plan to help pets in need this year, with nearly 70 percent saying they will donate to a rescue or shelter. Other ways respondents say they’ll help pets in need include fostering (11.9 percent), adopting another pet (11.5 percent), playing or to earn Halo Spot’s Stew donations for shelters (45.5 percent) and 65.6 percent plan to continue what they’ve already been doing to help pets.  Quite a few respondents will help feed and care for feral cats in their neighborhood and others say they plan to volunteer their time at a local shelter or rescue.  

Survey respondents were invited to share additional resolutions not included in the survey and the responses were unique, fun and heartwarming! Some examples of our favorites:

“Get an RV so we don’t have to leave them for vacation.”

“Train my cat to be a therapy animal.”

“More car and wagon rides.”

“To keep his wellness vet visits.”

“Attempt to walk my cats using a harness.”

“Not to shoo my cats away when I’m watching Ellen.” 

Many pet parents say their top resolution this year is to love their dogs and cats even more than they did last year (is that even possible?), spend more time with them and increase the amount of snuggles, hugs and kisses.  It sounds like it’s going to be a great year for everyone!

For additional statistics or information about healthy eating for pets, please contact Caroline Golon at or 614-580-2445.

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