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Pet Pardons is working with social media users to increase pet adoption and pet foster care. The Facebook page is updated with animals that need a home. Many of the animals may otherwise be euthanized.

Pet Pardons is all user-generated content. Advocates, those who post a pet in need, can help promote finding the animal a forever home. The more advocates for a particular pet, the better chance that the animal reaches a willing owner.

The executive director of Cleveland Animal Protective League encourages social media pet rescues, “Anything that people are doing to help animals, to help find more homes, absolutely applaud that,” said Sharon Harvey. The APL is overcrowded and continues to try different techniques to increase adoption, including posting pets online.

To receive more information, “like” the Pet Pardons Facebook app, and visit Pet Pardons Co-Founder Ashley Owen Hill’s blog.  Additional information on the Cleveland APL can be found at

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