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Packaged Facts, a division of, revealed the results of a series of pet owner surveys conducted throughout 2011, which will likely continue shaping the pet product market in 2012.


In the recent survey conducted September, 2011, respondents included 62 percent having a pet, with 43 percent having a dog, 32 percent with cats, and 11 percent with other types of animals. Overall, the survey revealed pet owners are cautious with shopping but willing to spend money on healthy food and treats for their pets.


Almost 74 percent of pet owners revealed looking for lower prices, special offers, and sales on pet products with almost half of the respondents shopping for pet products at a variety of stores, the survey showed. About 30 percent reported shopping at pet product retailers that offer the best products available regardless of price.


The survey suggests pet owners are becoming more comfortable with private label brands, as 45 percent agree that private label pet products are as good as national brands. About 34 percent of respondents admitted to buying more store brands in recent times.


Over two-thirds of those surveyed (67 percent) reported that their pets are considered to be part of the family and another 23 percent “somewhat” agreeing with that statement. In turn, 76 percent of pet owners shared they enjoy indulging their pets with special chew treats and foods. Health appeal is in much stronger demand, as even when economizing, pet owners want to feel they are treating their pets “right.”


Packaged Facts is located in Rockville, Maryland, and publishes market intelligence about consumer market topics. For more information, visit their website at


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