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UNITED STATES – Distributorship of UrbanCatDesign in the United States has been announced by Mod PetLife, which is a company that targets the pet accessories market. UrbanCatDesign provides handmade pet furniture, including Dutch Pet Accessories.

Mod PetLife touts themselves as “your one stop hub for the latest modern and luxurious pet products,” and offers customers a rewards program dubbed “MyRewards.” For every purchase made, points are awarded to be used for future purchases.

Some of the brands available with Mod PetLife include Scarlett Pet Carrier, Puppy Belly Bands, Crystal lashes, Glass Slippers Collars, Chez Fluffy Couture Knitwear, Pet Beds, Designer Dog Bowls, Chaise Lounge Chair, modern dog house, Cat Scratchers, Cat Towers, Pet Toys, Pet Strollers, Spa and Grooming and Pet Art.

Based in New Jersey, Mod PetLife has four divisions: Mod DogLife, Mod CatLife, Mod Pet Boutique, and Mod Pet Art and is owned by Eliot Menendez.

In addition, ModPetLife offers an affiliate program by which members will receive a unique URL and all sales will be tracked that is generated. Banner ads and text links are provided. The affiliate program is listed on Twist Directory and Affiliates Directory.

UrbanCatDesign sells exclusive handmade furniture for cats with a 30-day money back guarantee.

For further information about UrbanCatDesign, visit

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