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With the American Pet Products Association(APPA) reporting that nearly $52 billion will be spent in the pet industry in 2012, a newly launched website hopes to make pet parents life a bit easier when attempting to select pet insurance for their furry family members.
Touted as the first website to offer real-time quotes from pet insurance companies in the United States, is designed for people who want the security of pet insurance in place when they need to use it for their pets.
Nick Braun, founder of, shared, “If you or your spouse don’t have a limit on how much you’d spend on medical care for your dog or cat then pet insurance is something you really need to consider. Unfortunately the average pet owner doesn’t realize how quickly vet bills add up when your pet gets sick or injured.”
According to the website, there are 12 different companies offering consumers pet insurance in the United States. Everything from accident-only policies to comprehensive wellness and routine care packages are available, with pet owners deciding what they want co-payments and deductibles to be. launched in January of 2012 and reports generating over 2,000 customized quotes to pet owners looking into purchasing pet insurance. According to Braun, he hopes consumers use the proprietary quoting system to get quotes from a variety of pet insurance companies in one place at one time to use for comparison.
The company was founded in 2011 and uses the PIQ Matrix to provide customers with information and tools for pet insurance company comparisons in real-time, side by side. In addition to the financial information, profiles of each pet insurance company and their links are given.
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