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A recent report filed on revealed how news-making pet stories in 2011 can inspire us all in the year ahead.


Despite a massive earthquake that spawned a tsunami in March of 2011, a camera crew captured one dog guarding his companion in the devastated community of Sendai, Japan. A Britney Spaniel was seen hovering over her injured friend, which continues to serve as a lasting reminder of a dog’s loyalty, even to his fellow canine companion.


Writer Morieka Johnson revealed that pets do not how much to eat, but their owners do. A study released by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found that more than half of the cats and dogs in this country are overweight or obese. Keeping a pet’s weight in check and under control helps their health and overall well-being in the long run.


Breed-specific legislation emerged in the news in 2011, with several cities in the United States banning the Pit Bull breed. Pit bull advocates argued that breed-specific legislation fails to punish harmful owners and costs tax payers money. One Pit Bull owner, Jim Sak, has a dog registered with the National Service Animal Registry but had to put him in a kennel because of a ban on the breed in his hometown of Aurelia, Iowa.


Despite droves of people traveling with their pets, horror stories emerged from airlines of pets being mishandled and mistreated as cargo en route. Experts warn to take steps in advance so pets are not hurt or injured especially if considering a long flight.


Other stories rounding out the list include preparing for Mother Nature and having the family pets ready to go, establishing a long-term care plan for your pets, adoptions and obedience training, living each day with fervor and joy as a dog would, and keeping pets healthy by having regular vet visits and checkups.


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