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In an article by Susan Payton for Small Business Trends, the CEO of Embrace Pet Insurance revealed what industry trends are taking place in the pet insurance marketplace and how consumers are signing on for their pets.

Laura Bennett of Embrace Pet Insurance, headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, shared her views on pet insurance with Payton. She explained though it does not cover death benefits for pets, it does cover items like veterinary office services. Bennett shared with Payton, “In America, 65 percent of households have dogs or cats, yet only 1 percent of those pets have pet insurance. Across the ocean, 25 percent of cats and dogs carry pet health insurance in the U.K.”

Embrace Pet Insurance covers basic care and accidents, illnesses, diagnostic testing, surgery and a host of specific treatments. These treatments include breed-specific and genetic conditions, wellness and routine care, cancer treatment, and alternative therapies. There are exclusions, such as pre-existing conditions and a few others listed on the Embrace website.

Bennett admitted many pet owners first learn of pet insurance through their veterinarian. Some larger companies like ASPCA, she continued, offer white-labeled pet insurance, thus boosting its awareness. “More non-pet insurance brands are becoming interested in offering it,” she offered.

The oldest pet insurance on the market, Veterinary Pet Insurance, was formed in 1980 in part by 750 veterinarians. The very first policy was issued to canine television star, “Lassie.” In 2008, VPI joined forces with Nationwide®.


The Embrace CEO admits pet insurance was not as well received as anticipated when it first launched in the United States, as people did not receive the payment reimbursements expected. However, she sees the industry turning around; in fact, she feels the United Kingdom more readily embraces pet health insurance.


Further information about Embrace Pet Insurance may be found at the company website,

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