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RALEIGH, NC (June 27, 2013) – Pet Kept Secrets (PKS) was released earlier this year with a warm response from early adopters. Since then, PKS has been in beta mode and quietly developing a new and more interactive platform. The PKS team has grown, and prepared a new road map for the site that will focus on ways to enrich the experience of its members online and offline. PKS is an online social network for pets, their owners, and owners of pet-related businesses. With the help of the site’s members, PKS wants to enhance the experience of owning a pet by allowing pet owners and their pets more opportunities to connect with the world around them. The site will also serve as a great tool for those who are looking to adopt a pet in their local area.

An important aspect to growing the social capabilities of PKS has been getting feedback from current members and early adopters. This effort to reach out and communicate with current members and early adopters has helped to breed success by allowing the PKS team to understand what the site needs from the actual people using the website. In addition, members and early adopters were recognized and able to feel appreciated and confident in the development of PKS.

The new release of PKS will be launching summer 2013. After this release, there will be a set of several releases to follow as the PKS team works diligently to build the best website possible. Feedback from members is incredibly important as the team moves forward, and PKS would like to urge any potential members, owners of pet-related businesses, or just pet enthusiasts feel free to reach out to the team about possible ways to improve your usage of the site.

Some of the things that are in the making are improved social networking features, pet related contests with prizes and giveaways, grass-root events in multiple areas to connect people offline as well as online, and a lot more specific features for the website; there will even be enhanced features for business owners looking to connect with local pet owners (maybe a free veterinarian check up?). This is an exciting time for PKS and please keep a lookout for more announcements as the website continues to grow!

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