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An online talk show for people dealing with how their pets help in everyday life, The Pet Engineer, announced they will assist pet businesses to help increase their visibility.


The radio host for The Pet Engineer is Giana Rosetti, who is an electrical engineer of many years and also studied the hearing frequency ranges of animals and their behavior of human language. Rosetti reported, “With thousands of new pet products, pet owners may get lost with so many options. That’s why we decided to review pet products and provide pet owners with real life use while giving pet businesses exposure.”


Products received by The Pet Engineer and selected for exposure on the show will be judged by real pets and pet owners. Categories will include pet accessories, clothes, bedding, collars, leashes, food, health care, housing equipment, litter, toys, books, and gifts. There will be criteria for each product including pet safety, price, ingredients, material, scent, etc.


The main goal of Rosetti’s show is to increase awareness and respect while strengthening the harmony between pets and their people. Guests are a part of each show so that listeners are expose to a variety of news and information about themselves and animals.


Rosetti has co-authored the book Numerology for Pets and her background is in the corporate world. Her mission is to bridge the pet industry with the general public so that smaller and medium-sized companies can get visibility, especially with products made in the United States.


The Pet Engineer is a podcast reaching over 45 countries. For parties interested in having their products potentially reviewed, visit The Pet Engineer website at

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