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The nation’s largest publisher of industry research, IBISWorld has noticed the increase growth of the pet care industry and responded to it.  There are nine recognized categories under the pet care industry umbrella, and recently, IBISWorld expanded its market research report collection to cover them all.

These categories include Animal Training Services, Dog and Pet Breeders, Dog Walking Services, Dry Pet Food Production, Pet Accessories Stores, Pet Food Production, Pet Funeral Services, Pet Insurance and Pet Play Rooms.  Although only some categories were covered in the past, all of these categories are now researched and reported on by IBISWorld, and made available for purchase by members of this company.


Research indicates that during these hard economic times, pet owners cut spending in other areas before they cut spending for their furry friends.  Pet ownership and pet retail sales have been on a steady increase in recent years and are expected to sky rocket in the next five years.


With more than 10 locations nationwide, IBISWorld offers a comprehensive database of exclusive information and analysis on American industries.  On their Web site, the company explains that IBISWorld industry reports are “used for understanding market size, competitors, drafting business plans, pitch books, benchmarking, forecasting, business valuations, litigation support, due diligence and more.”


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