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Black Cat Appreciation Day is being held nationwide, today, August 17, in honor of black felines everywhere.

In order to raise awareness for this campaign, two well-known pet bloggers are hosting a Blog Hop for others to join in and spread the word about this pivotal message. The two blogs hosting the event are The Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady and Snotface and Twiggy.

Black Cat Appreciation Day is a public campaign that was launched by Wayne H. Morris, a man who selected August 17 in memory of his sister’s passing and her 20-year-old black cat, Sinbad, who died two months earlier. In order to help dispel the superstitions often associated with black cats, the goal of this campaign is to raise awareness and get black cats from shelters adopted.

 “In honor of this day I would like to remember my very first cat. I actually have very few memories of him because I was so young when we had him. His name was Merlin and he was a black cat. My memory is that when I was about 4 or 5 Merlin was let out of the house and never came home. I think he tried to come back and wasn’t let in for some reason, and then we never saw him again,” Chloe DiVita, founder of the Snotface and Twiggy blog, shares. “I’ve actually never asked the details behind his disappearance because I like to tell myself he was taken in by another family and loved the rest of his life. I just remember that I loved Merlin. He was my first experience with a pet and he opened a part of my heart that only pets can fill.”

To learn more about adopting a black cat visit and various shelters/rescues.

For more about the Black Cat Appreciation Day and join the Blog Hop, visit

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