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With the American Pet Products Association (APPA) reporting a record-setting spending projection of $53 billion in the pet industry for 2012, BlogPaws announced that pet bloggers are the carrying the torch passed from mom bloggers and brands are taking notice.

In a study released by Trone Brand Energy, a reported 20 percent of pet bloggers are considered highly influential and have monthly readerships of at least 10,000 readers. Three-quarters of these influencers have blogged for at least three years in order to build a steady, loyal following. Influencers report dealing with at least six or more pet care brands from a marketing perspective.

“I know what pet parents want.  I go to the shows, walk the expos, interact with the brands, and my dog and his pack of friends participate in frequent play dates,” pet blogger, Carol Bryant, reported.” I see the toys and water bowls, and read the food and treat labels with the scrutiny of a trained pet product expert’s eye. I tell my friends, who are the key purchasing parties in their households for dog supplies.”

Bryant and hundreds of others have made their presence and force known at pet blogger conferences, including the yearly event held by BlogPaws. The pet-friendly event has made its mark in Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Utah, and near D.C. in 2013. In addition to their year-round media efforts, BlogPaws brings pet parents and enthusiasts together with each other, with the brands they buy and with experts that give actionable advice. Founded in 2009 by three dedicated pet parents and bloggers, BlogPaws satisfies a previously untapped market niche. The American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owner Survey for 2011-2012 revealed that in the past 10 years, use of the Internet has more than doubled as a pet care information provider.

“Our community has exceeded 1,400 pet bloggers, our social media presence is exploding, and we are the key purchasers in our household,” BlogPaws’ co-founder, Yvonne DiVita, stated. “Primarily a woman’s market, we purchase the same things the mommy bloggers do: cleaning products, hair care, camping equipment, laptops, furniture, cell phones, and pet products.  Brands are recognizing the influence pet bloggers have on today’s consumers.”

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