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Pet bloggers are showing a strong presence and voice of influence in the pet industry in general.

With the American Pet Products Association (APPA) reporting a record-setting spending projection of $53 billion in the pet industry for 2012, pet bloggers are the carrying the torch passed from mom bloggers and brands are taking notice.

In a study released by Trone Brand Energy, a reported 20 percent of pet bloggers are considered highly influential and have monthly readerships of at least 10,000 readers. Three-quarters of these influencers have blogged for at least three years in order to build a steady, loyal following. Influencers report dealing with at least six or more pet care brands from a marketing perspective.

Do you ever feel like this? “I know what pet parents want. I go to the shows, walk the expos, interact with the brands, and my dog and his pack of friends participate in frequent play dates.”

Or maybe: “I see the toys and water bowls, and read the food and treat labels with the scrutiny of a trained pet product expert’s eye. I tell my friends, who are the key purchasing parties in their households for pet supplies.”Me, too. And thousands, if not millions, of others.

If you’ve been to a BlogPaws conference, you know the energy, enthusiasm, networking, idea exchange, and layers of relationships that are formed. The American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owner Survey for 2011-2012 revealed that in the past 10 years, use of the Internet has more than doubled as a pet care information provider. Pet bloggers are influencing who purchases what and what items they are purchasing as well.

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