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Rachel Webb is a pet blogger that is the force behind Sleeps With Dogs. Webb touts herself as a “seasoned news chick with a passion for writing and an obsession with dogs. I’m combining my two loves to help dogs everywhere.”
Webb reports her love of writing started in kindergarten with the first note passed to her. Her love for animals, she reports, began around the same time. Growing up, Webb did not have animals so she tended to gravitate toward friends with dogs and snuck a few in the house for short visits.

At the present time, Webb lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with eight dogs (with foster dogs), a cat, and a “farm-raised” roommate. She is a writer, dog enthusiast, Pit Bull advocate, self-admitted junkie to information, and loves things about Buffalo, New York, modern retro vintage, and “everything in between.”

She has combined her love of dogs and passion for writing into the blog, Sleeps With Dogs. She admits to making up the lost dog time of her youth. “I collect dogs like people collect salt and pepper shakers,” she says.

Her “dog-ma” of the Sleeps With Dogs website is to help dogs everywhere.

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