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The PAWS Pet Company, Inc. or “the Company,” an innovative pet services company, announced today its new name, corporate identity, and headquarters. The formally named Pet Airways, Inc. continues as a wholly owned subsidiary, operating all flight operations of The PAWS Pet Company. The PAWS Pet Company has moved its corporate headquarters from Delray Beach, Fla. to San Jose, Calif.
Pet Airways’ Pawsengers(TM) travel in the specially equipped main cabin of its planes, where pets are continuously monitored by an In-Flight Pet Attendant and the climate is controlled for maximum pet comfort. With Pet Airways, pet parents can be assured their pets will be treated with tender, loving care by pet professionals throughout the journey. The airline launched flight operations in 2009 and currently serves coast-to-coast destinations across the United States.
“Our company is evolving into a provider of a broad range of innovative pet services. With Pet Airways as our cornerstone in the market, we plan to roll out new value-added pet services to the pet parent community. We are excited to move forward on the opportunity to serve a growing number of pet and pet parent needs. We are proud of the flight services Pet Airways has been delivering and the goodwill we have built with our customers. The PAWS Pet Company will expand upon these customer relationships to further improve the lives of pets and pet parents,” stated Dan Wiesel, Chairman and CEO of The PAWS Pet Company.

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