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WASHINGTON DEPOT, Conn. (February 20, 2014)Pet Acoustics will be debuting the newest innovation in the sensory world of pets at this year’s Global Pet Expo.

Pet Tunes is a mobile Bluetooth speaker, pre-loaded with Pet Acoustics music to soothe dogs, cats, horses and birds. The species-specific speakers are designed for easy use by pet owners to calm pets during home alone time, thunderstorms, travel and training sessions.

Janet Marlow, composer, researcher and CEO of Pet Acoustics, is an expert in the field of hearing sensitivities of animals. Pet Acoustics’ music is tailored for the hearing comfort ranges of pets to calm and soothe them, and has been clinically proven and endorsed by veterinarians.

“Acute hearing sensitivity is one of the most overlooked causes of animal behaviors,” Marlow said. “Amazingly, dogs hear twice as much as we do and cats hear three times more. Pet Tunes provides an environment that has many benefits for animals.”

Pet Acoustics’ music is designed specifically for canines, felines, equines and avines. High and low frequencies that trigger agitation in pets are eliminated in the music and the calming results are repeatable. The original music tracks for dogs and cats contain gentle orchestrations, long sustained phrases for soothing in any environment.

Music tracks for horses reference the inherent rhythmic patterns of a horse’s gait along with short melodic phrases and upbeat tempos. Tracks for birds are lively orchestrations tailored to engage bird activity with embedded songbirds and nature sounds, appealing to a bird’s instinct for the companionship of other birds.

Small enough to fit in your hand, Pet Tunes plays 5-10 hours on a single battery charge and comes in four colors: Cobalt (dogs), Olive (cats), Black (horses) and Silver (birds). The unit also features a built-in repeat mode as well as an easy click-and-play function that links to your personal library using Bluetooth. Pet Tunes connects to mobile phones, tablets, PCs, notebooks, PlayStation, GPS, DVD or CD players for optimal sound, and also comes with a USB cable and lanyard strap.

Pet Tunes retails for $49.95. For more information about Pet Acoustics’ Pet Tunes, visit or stop by and meet Janet Marlow at Booth #506 at Global Pet Expo.

About Pet Acoustics
Based in Washington Depot, Conn., Pet Acoustics specializes in innovative products for the pet market. For more than 15 years, Pet Acoustics has helped thousands of pets and pet owners worldwide with designed products for dogs, cats, horses and birds. Breakthrough research by Pet Acoustics has propelled the brand as one of the leaders in their field.  Entrepreneur Magazine named Pet Acoustics Inc. “Top 100 companies for brilliant ideas.” For more information, please visit or connect with Pet Acoustics on Facebook and Twitter.

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