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The non-profit organization, Peace 4 Animals,has announced the launch of their new website as part of their ongoing efforts to assist animal lovers, activities, and supporters of the fur-free movement on a global scale. The new site launched May 14, 2012.
Divided into six areas, the site offers information about protecting animals and endangered species worldwide along with the latest updates about their actions and fur-free movement. A rescue pet will be posted every week in the “Rescue of the Week” section, which will feature animals in the Los Angeles, California area.
Katie Cleary is the founder of the organization and revealed, “I’m so excited to finally be launching my own organization to help protect and preserve animals all around the world. This is my life-long passion.”
Cleary was instrumental in helping to pass legislation banning the sale of fur in the West Hollywood area. She pioneered the “Diamonds Not Fur” campaign which encouraged people to wear cruelty-free diamonds instead of any type of fur.
A petition was presented by Cleary and her friend, Joanna Krupa along with the social activism site, Care 2, to the Kardashian sisters. The petition urged them to stop selling fur products online and in their retail stores. Over 140,000 people signed the petition and the sisters announced they would stop the sale of fur all of their Dash boutiques and in their clothing line.
The six new sections of the Peace 4 Animals website include Latest News, Rescue of the Week, Shop 4 Peace, Events 4 Peace, Media and About Us. The group hopes the site will increase awareness about deforestation, poachers, the fur trade, greed, and other factors. They hope to end the mistreatment and abuse of animals worldwide and help to raise money so that wild, domestic, and endangered animals can be nurtured.
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