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Integrated Capital Partners has revealed that they have invested $250,000 on June 1 to Pazoo, Inc., with a commitment to fund an additional $250,000. They have the option to fund up to $1 million total on or before August 31, 2012.


Pazoo, Inc., is a warehoused of products and features experts from the health, wellness, and pet industry. The company was founded in 2010 by physical therapist and personal trainer, David M. Cunic. Cunic has worked with both professional and Olympic sporting teams and believes in all facets of health, fitness and medical science, according to his bio. This includes vitamins, supplements, healthcare products, and pet therapy.


Cunic shared in a statement, “Our management team could not be more pleased to have such a strong financial relationship with Integrated Capital Partners, Inc. (ICPI). ICPI followed through on their previous commitments in funding Pazoo and to have the confidence in them to follow through with this funding brings a very high level of comfort knowing we have all the necessary tools in place to execute our business plan to build shareholder value.”


The investment represents the purchased of preferred A shares at $.50 per share. The shares do not come with voting rights and are convertible to 10 common shares rate for every preferred A share owned. The investor has limited conversion and may own no more than 4.95 percent of the outstanding common shares at any time.


In May of 2012, Pazoo announced the addition of Pete Risano to its roster of expert advisers. He has served as president of the Pet Life retail chain, formerly called The Kennel Shop, since 2007. He rebranded, doubled store count, and boosted revenue by 250 percent. Prior to that, he spent 17 years at New Jersey Pets and oversaw its merger with Petco in 2005.


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