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WESTBURY, N.Y (May 5, 2015) – With a shared focus on natural pet care, PawGanics and Pet Labs 360 announced today that they are merging together to create a unified pet health and wellness brand, PL360. Known as the pet lover’s brand, PL360 will offer safe, natural and effective products in the grooming, clean-up and pet health supplement spaces.

Motivated by the real-life needs of today’s pet owners, PL360 takes a different approach to business by offering innovative products that are effective in addressing common pet problems. In grooming, PL360 is the only brand on the market to offer instant-foaming shampoos designed to cut down bath time while still providing a deep clean. Gel shampoos effectively cleanse and nourish common skin types using plant-based ingredients. For between baths and on-the-go, PL360 offers grooming wipes in a convenient 40-count pouch and an 80-count value pack that doubles as a dispenser.

Behind the natural pet care movement are ingredient-savvy consumers who view their pet as a part of their family. That’s why PL360 steers clear of using potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, lanolin, alcohol and other toxins. It’s also why PL360 has created a unique line of household cleaners made specifically for pet homes. “With pet ownership rising year over year, it is time to focus on the bigger picture of our pets’ living environment,” the brand stresses, stating that traditional cleaners often have harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia that can irritate pets. In pioneering a more comprehensive clean up category, PL360 offers a natural multi-surface cleaner, 75-count cleaning wipes, carpet powder and a one-size fits-all stain and odor remover.

To round out their product offering, PL360 provides a full line of premium, veterinarian recommended health supplements for dogs. The brand is committed to functionality and quality over what’s trendy in the market. In this category, PL360 offers supplements for hip and joint support, advanced hip and joint support, shed-no-more support, anxiety relief and digestive support.

Together with its retailers, PL360 strives to create safe, clean and natural environments for pets. For more information, please visit

About PL360
PL360 is a pet health and wellness company that creates safe and effective natural solutions for pet owners. Its innovative product line includes instant foaming shampoos, deep cleansing gel shampoos, grooming wipes, natural household cleaners, plant-based stain and odor removers, and health supplements for dogs. An emerging player in the natural pet care arena, PL360 commits itself to a high standard of safety and efficacy put in place over 14 years by its parent brands, PawGanics and Pet Labs 360.

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