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The Partnership for Preventative Pet Healthcare has revealed that 59 percent of veterinary professionals are feeling the effects of economic hard times with a decline in veterinary visits.

During a presentation at the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC) recently, officials announced plans to release new data tools for vets to help their clients learn about preventative care and its importance. Participating practices will be able to compare attitudinal differences about preventive care practices with their hospital staff.

Michael T. Cavanaugh, executive director of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), revealed that the idea is to help identify gaps in approaches and philosophies so that the trend in declining visits can be reversed.  There are a total of 23 practices in the beta phase. By the end of March of 2012, 100 practices will be involved. A complete rollout is expected by the end of the year.

Dr. Jeremy Kees, an assistant professor of marketing and The Richard Naclario Emerging Scholar in Public Policy at Villanova University, reported that the survey of vet professionals revealed almost 80 percent of respondents recognizing the declining number of emergency visits to the vet. However, 77 percent of respondents believe they can have a positive impact, with another 72 percent stating they need to spend more time talking to pet owners about preventative healthcare with their pets.

The Partnership for Preventative Pet Healthcare is a team of vet professionals, academia, and industry leaders focused on ensuring that pets receive the preventative healthcare through regular veterinary visits.

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