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A new reality show for bird training has been released to DVD by husband and wife team Dave and Jamie Womach of

A total of 12 episodes were taped in which the couple traveled to 12 different families who struggled with relationship issues with their exotic birds. The couple reports doing the show without a script and having a professional film crew capture everything.

Some of the problem behaviors the new show focuses on include biting, attacking, hand aggression, territorial issues with cages, distrust of people, and more. “One Day Miracles” is geared as an “extreme makeover” for parrots instead of houses.

Dave Womach a co-founder of, shared, “Birds are highly intelligent, complex creatures that often have the learning capacity of toddlers. In just a couple of seconds, their eye movements, body posture, feather positions, feet movements, beak position and more can communicate a dozen different messages to you.”

The couple created ‘Thrillusionist’ magic shows with their birds in over 20 countries. They have performed in a variety of places including Disney, Princess, Norwegian, and Holland America Cruise Lines and, Ringling Bros. Using reality television techniques, the couple brings an element of theater to bird training, they say.

The 12 episodes retail for $97 and include two bonus DVDs, including “Motivating Your Parrot To Train” and “Damage Control & Trouble Shooting.” The DVDs come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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