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Pampered pooches and dollars spent on dogs is not just an American cultural norm, as recent reports are showing that dogs in India are being doted upon, pampered, and celebrated.

According to Pakistan’s Daily Times, dogs in India are privy to pool parties, grooming parlor sessions, upscale veterinary clinics, Reiki therapists, dog-friendly hotels with air-conditioned kennels, and pet nannies. Numerous reports reveal that India’s pet market is now flooded with health and pet dietary products.

Euromonitor, a market research institute, estimates that India’s pet industry will grow 22 percent in 2012 and reach revenues of $81. Dogs account for about 80 percent of all pets in India, with cats and fish also named as popular.

Another source reveals that breeds like pugs and Great Danes are popular and viewed as “status symbols” in India. Some feel the pampering of dogs is part of India’s new culture.

In a report filed by Reuters, dogs were commonly expected to sleep outside the house or in the garage just 10 years ago in India. Now, many dog owners are keeping the air conditioner on for their pets all day, splurging on dog mattresses and bedding, along with spending on pet resort facilities priced at more than an average budget hotel room in India.

The per capita income in India is estimated at $1,256, and signs of the humanization of pets along with spending on them, is showing no signs of slowing down.

The streets of this hectic country are often littered with stray dogs but the luxury pet industry is taking hold and growing at a rapid rate.

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