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Super Smiley Flash Mob 4 Pet Adoption is the first Flash Mob Dance and Tour for pet adoption, starring Super Smiley, spokes dog for “Throw-Aways” and his owner, Megan Blake.  In 29 days, they danced 9 flash mobs, on 2 coasts, in 3 states on the World’s 1st Flash Mob Tour with a mission.
The Happy Campaign, created by Blake and Smiley, is their answer to the ultra sad TV commercials for pet adoption.  Their mission is to celebrate pet adoption and education around shelter animals with a rockin’ campaign that energizes people to get up and take action!   See the Flash Mobs and dance with them at


Megan also is now appearing on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, as a pet adoption advocate & pet lifestyle coach on OWN’s reality show, The O’Neal’s, starring Ryan and Tatum O’Neal.


The Super Smiley Flash Mobs began in Los Angeles in 2010 with a Dance Across LA Day shouting it out for Pet Adoption, and the bi-coastal Flash Mob Dance Tour began May 7, 2011 in Greensboro, NC, then returned to LA for the Pet Expo USA and for Best Friends’ Super Adoption Event, one of the largest adoption events in the US.


The dance is joyful and invites on-lookers to clap and join in with the easy steps.   “People always end up giggling and smiling,” says Blake, “and then they hug the grinning Super Smiley.”


Their Anthem:  The song’s refrain says it all:  “The Coolest Thing You Can Do, Is Get A Throw Away Dog.  Mutts Rock! It’s True!”  It’s an anthem that proclaims the positive reasons to adopt a pet and shares the “rockin’ factor” Megan and Smiley ignite.


The term “throw away” came to Blake after watching the commercial.  The term “stray” implies the blame is on the animal – “there’s a stray,” but to acknowledge an animal as a Throw Away puts the responsibility where it belongs, on humans who created this and with we who can correct it.

To view the dances go to  and For more on Super Smiley go to

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