The Pet Industry's Leading Resource for News & Content Distribution opened Tuesday and offers exclusive natural and healthy pet products at a good price point. Layla is a 3-year-old Maltese dog that will be the “spokesdog” for the company. Layla will be featured as a very social dog that blogs, tweets, and updates facebook.

Michael Barbato, president of, said, “ has natural products that are competitively priced. 60% of pet owners have confirmed they would buy natural pet products more often if these products were more affordable has formulated many of its products to support the health and wellness of all pets. The company is very pleased to be working with the management off all the major brands of pet foods and products.”

Pet products include cats and dogs, pet bird and small animal food, aquarium products, flea, tick, mosquito, edible bones, treats, cages, carriers, pet books, leashes muzzles, and collars. Layla supervises and is the chief taste tester of all home baked treats.

Nancyann Barbato, senior buyer and unique voice of Layla stated, “
“I look forward to sharing Layla’s special talent of communicating with everyone through blogs facebook and twitter, Pet owners, of course love their pets sometimes as much as their own offspring. They have humanized their four legged friends and continue to purchase products to provide nutritional wellness.”

The site will be featured in August’s Pet Product News International. Please visit the Company’s website at

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