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A United States deal aggregator, DoggyLoot, recently surveyed 500 dog owners and found that nearly 77 percent of them have shopped online for pet supplies. Doggyloot is a website that focuses on national, rather than local, online deals and offerings.

Of the dog owners surveyed, 76% were female and 24% were male. 33% were aged 25-34, 22% were between ages 35-44, 19% were between 45-54 years old, 15% between ages 18-24, 9% were aged 55-64, and 2% were 65 years and older.

The survey revealed that while that people still spend most of their money at local bricks and mortar stores, there are figures of 21% spent online, 52% in a local store, and 27% for services such as grooming and veterinary care.

In terms of the times people shop online, they are fairly similar to general commerce hours. A total of 25 percent shop between 6AM and 12PM, 38 percent between 12PM and 6PM, 34 percent between 6PM and 12AM, and 3 percent shop between midnight and 6AM. Most dog owners shop online on Saturdays with 33 percent, followed by Fridays with 17 percent.

Those who reported having another pet in addition to a dog were 50 percent having a cat, 21 percent having a fish, 9 percent reporting a bird, 5 percent having a turtle, 3 percent with a snake, and 7 percent having “other pets.”

In terms of items that dog owners buy most, 72 percent buy dog toys, followed by 63 percent on medicine, 61 percent on accessories, 56 percent leashes and collars, and 79 percent with food and chews. Most dog owners surveyed (33 percent) shop on Saturday between 12 PM and 6PM (38 percent).

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