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Oliver’s Pet Care Launches Dog Breed Resource Center Featuring Over 160 Dog Breed Profiles

Detailed information about breed history, temperament, health and photos

SEATTLE – (September 5, 2012) Shaheed Khan, owner of Oliver’s Pet Care, a leading provider of high quality and eco-friendly pet products, recently announced the launch of their Dog Breed Resource Center. The website features over 160 dog breed profiles which include breed information, history, temperament, and health. also features a wide variety of dog supplies that have been hand selected by Khan and his dog Oliver.

“We want to offer our customers the ability to find the perfect companion for them,” Khan said. “We have created an easy to use website that showcases almost all of the AKC Dog Breeds to help prospective dog owners know more about the breed they are look for.”

The Dog Breed Resource Center was designed to be easy to navigate and provide great information about almost all dog breeds. Oliver’s Pet Care has also created attribute categories for the breeds, some include: Popular Dog Breeds, Hypoallergenic Dogs, Smart Dog Breeds and categories by Size.

“We want our site to be a place where people can find great information on everything dog,” Khan said. “Our resource center is here to help those in search for a dog and of course, for those who already have one, they can easily send us a picture and bio of their dog and we will post it on that page.”

With the mission of making the world a better place for all animals, Oliver’s Pet Care donates ten percent of all proceeds to animal-related nonprofit organizations such as the Humane Society.

About Oliver’s Pet Care
Founded in 2010, Oliver’s Pet Care is the family-owned business of Oliver – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – and his parents, Shaheed and Julia Khan. Today, the website offers a wide selection of high quality pet products including dog beds, grooming supplies, apparel and more.

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Shaheed Khan, Oliver’s Pet Care


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