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White Oaks Veterinary Clinic now offers medical information online. The new website is update by Edmond area equine veterinarians and dentists. Information on the new website runs the gamut. Information is geared toward horses, cats, dogs and small animals and membership is free.

Dr. Jennifer Bianchi stated, “Our redesigned website is intended to be a resource for our pet owners, both to help them understand the extent of services that we offer and to provide additional information about animal healthcare in general.”

Everything from information on general animal care, such as spay and neuter surgeries and traditional veterinarian practices, as well as holistic veterinarian services, such as acupuncture for pets is posted. The range of specific topics is extensive as well.

There is a blog on the new site that lists information from the local area and touching on topics that are discussed on the website.

There is a multimedia section as well that exhibits a collection of videos that explore topics relating to the best care of pets. Dental care, high blood pressure, controlling ticks, feline retro viruses, battling canine cancer, pain management, and important aftercare for spay and neuter surgeries are all video features. The technology and science videos display cutting-edge medical developments such as laser surgery, and reports on stem cell relief and cloning pets. On the lighter side, there are videos that discuss strange things found in pets’ stomachs, an explanation of how pet food is made and other issues.

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