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WINNIPEG, Manitoba (April 3, 2014) – and Priceline Partner Network are proud to announce that they have introduced a series of quick reference pet travel guides designed to familiarize online visitors with the pet travel policies of major airlines around the world., one of the world’s leading pet-friendly booking sites, has just included the air travel guides as an added bonus for customers traveling with pets. The guides offer a concise and thorough summary of the pet travel policies of over 100 major airlines and feature: a brief history of the airline, options made available to animal travelers, service fees, restrictions, codeshare flight agreements, and carrier contact information.

Jason Hachkowski, Search Marketing Manager at Priceline Partner Network, said it best: “Anyone who is planning a trip has a lot on their mind already. We just wanted to make things a little easier for those traveling with their four-legged family members.”

The idea for the travel guides came to Mr. Hachkowski last summer while he was planning his own family vacation and wanted to include his dog, Teddy. After carefully researching the travel policies of a few North American airlines, he realized that the rules and restrictions varied so greatly from airline to airline that planning a long trip with his canine companion was a far more daunting prospect than he had originally imagined. With that realization, the air travel guide project was born.

Unlike other travel guides, which might only focus on the travel policies of a few North American airlines, The Ultimate Pet Travel Guide has brought together the pet travel policies of all the world’s major airlines, and several smaller regional carriers, and arranged them by continent or by country to help you find the information you are looking for, and presented it in an easy to read format. They also include tips for anyone traveling to island nations, such as Ireland, Australia, or Hawaii. In these cases, there are strict rules and regulations surrounding the admission of animals to the country. As a courtesy to their guests, they have included links to the necessary resources so that you have all the information you need before booking.

After countless hours and months of research, the ambitious project is now available for immediate viewing. Come and see the Ultimate Pet Travel Guide at today.

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